24 February 2011

A slight note from last night...

... and that was fun guys indeed.
I miss the old time sometimes..
and here we go.. me-ta-mor-fo-sis

and this is the present time :)

pictures taken from:
friendster (#yeahright) and ur personal blackberry messenger group :P

23 February 2011

back again

Well ya.. it's been a long time since my last post on this blog.. over a year ago :)
got so many things to do people :). My job, my shity life.. hehe.
So.. here it is my recent story.. I'd like to write it a lil bit satire actually but sadly i can't :( (pity me, huh?)

My work.. still working on it. As a Marketing, tenant relations and a business centre. Lotta things to do here... tasks, problems, people all related each other. But as long as i can handle it very well.. All is well fellas *biggrin*

That was my look couples month ago. The different is i look prettier than on those photo.. haha.. kidding. i look chubbier now, after hospitalized a month ago in RS. Premier caused by typhus.
And. it'll remind me.. that end of this week gotta go to the laboratory for checking my health up. hopefully all is fine :)

My shity life... hmm.. you'll know it when you read my Timeline on twitter :)). mostly is "the galau" ones :D. If you asked me about someone that mostly i wrote all the story on this blog long long time ago? yeah, we still workin' on it :) period. I don't wont to tell you more. it's our little secret you know :D

Time is up. Back to work! just can't hardly wait about tonight. Gonna meet my college friends. i miss them all :))

bye, then.


soon.. will posted something here :)

10 August 2009


pagi itu..




dan gelak tawa bahagia

hadir seketika diruang hatimu.

yang aku tahu...

ketika senja itu datang,

rasa tenang, nyaman dan tentramlah

yang ingin direngkuh.


yang aku tahu..

justru peluh keringat yang keluar tidak henti-hentinya

mengucur deras dari dirimu.

just, sorry i can't be perfect.

still, am trying very hard to make you happy!

for you,

and our small fam.

happy birthday, mom!

happy 27th wedding anniversary!

love you..

August, 11th 2009


27 July 2009


|currently listening to USA for Africa's We are the World|

we are the one

we are the children

we are the one who make a brighter day so lets start giving...

life isn't easy...

we do live in a small and dangerously place in the world

friend or foe, a matter of camouflage which exist around

obstacles, always there nearby

be watchout!

i know it's been the hardest time,

i know it's such a heavy burden for being someone to count on,

and i absolutely know that you can give the best for people next to you.

an anonymous once wrote,

it doesn't matter how slowly you are so long as you don't stop

no matter what people said,

no matter what will be happened next,

keep on moving on your right track!!

>> listening to Abdul and the coffee theory's Kucinta Kau Lebih dari yang Kemarin ^^

>> Keep the Good work!!! b(^0^)d


oik is waiting for her client, while sipping a cup of coffee (and missing her abun!).


17 July 2009


through the good times and bad times
He's just great
the way He designed my life
having such an incredible family,
loveable friends,
and a perfect wonderful gentleman standing next to me right now
nothing lasts forever
Thank God I found you, guys!
Thank you for the bday wishes!
All the best

love, oik is twenty-four-years-old

15 July 2009

to whom it may concern

they named her,
all i know
got to be tough on summerbreeze
beautiful between the autumn leaves
kindly warm on winter, and
spring time in laughter
i know it's been a hard time
counting days and years
not that simple
just faith in you
others will follow
there' s a secret, and
at the same time
magic happen.

*winter, spring, summer or fall all you've got to do is call*
and i'll be there yes i will
you've got a friend

oik is a thinker!! (hahaha..)
July, 15th 2009
-it's ashar time-